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All About Jikko

Jikko is an interactive web and mobile-based application that allows organizations to align their values with the values of their employees in fun and exciting ways. The application allows your workforce to experience “feelings of organizational ownership” that can result in greater job satisfaction, retention, productivity, and profits.

Jikko believes that a company can reach its full potential, and be more effective if both, the management side and the employees’ side, work collaboratively towards transforming the overall company culture. Hence, the application has two interfaces: The Management’s Interface &The Employees’ Interface.

Connecting Employees and Managers

Jikko Wall

Share achievements with everyone

Jikko Profile

Create a positive culture

Employee Performance Profile

Provide managers with actionable insights

company dashboard

The Company Dashboard provides an overview of the company performance and the performance of each department. The user access level determines what information appears on the dashboard page. The homepage dashboard provides business managers a place to measure the KPIs and performance metrics of the employees and categorize them on the basis of their performance.

Insightful manager interface

The Reasons Managers Will Love It

Performance Status

Managers are able to view employees’ Attendance, Tasks Completed, Client Rating, and Colleague Rating.

Based on their overall performance score, the employees are rated as Emperors, Samurais, or Merchants. This insight helps managers identify high achievers and low achievers in the company.

Training & Development

Managers can make and view their staff’s professional development plan over the years in the form of a graph.

This insight helps managers plan the necessary training programmes for the employee to grow in the company. The manager can also compare if the employee is covering all the milestones in his/her growth plan, and give promotions accordingly.

Jikko Champions

Managers give Jikko Points to employees based on Integrity, Care, Awareness, Responsibility, Empathy, and Action.

This promotes a positive culture and a healthy completion in the company as employees strive to get as many Jikko Points as possible. This also shows that the company values these soft skills and appreciates its employees for them.

Happiness Index

Using Artificial Intelligence, Jikko records the happiness level of employees by observing their facial expressions.

An employee’s happiness is directly related to his/her productivity at work. Managers can get an insight into whether the employees feel happy at work. They can then take necessary measures to improve the motivation levels of the team accordingly.

Top Skills

Managers can view the top skills that the employee has been endorsed for by his/her colleagues.

This helps managers to identify the strengths of their employees and assign tasks and training accordingly.

Search for Skills

For a task at hand, managers can type the skills required on the Search Bar to find the relevant employee.

This makes it easier for managers to delegate work effectively and make the most of the strengths of his/her team members.

Interactive Employee Interface

Key Features

Jikko Wall
Allows employees to generate meaningful conversations within the departments and initiate conversations about the values of the company.
Jikko Points
Jikko Points allow the organizational values to be translated into practice and more readily embraced by the employees.
Jikko Avatars
The employee Samurai Avatars generate feelings of organizational ownership and act as a source to highlight for employees the connections existing between the values and goals they’ve identified for themselves and those of the business.
Jikko Profile
Having individual Jikko profiles empowers the employees to align their values with the company values; manage their meetings; work towards the development of skills and be a contributing member of a positive organizational community.

Who We Are

Jikko Philosophy

Jikko is a Japanese word, which means performance and execution. As Jikko you desire to understand the heart and mind of everyone, and often need encouragement from someone before you can come to a decision. Jikko gives you a concept of love of home and family. As part of a family, you remember and communicate the thoughtful little expressions of appreciation that mean so much to others.
Jikko’s metrics are built on Miyamoto Musashi’s strategy of Ni-Ten IchiRyu. This particular strategy implies that by training with two long swords, one in each hand, one will be able to overcome the cumbersome nature of using a sword in both hands. Although it is difficult, Musashi agrees that there are times in which the long sword must be used with two hands, but one whose skill is good enough should not need it.
Similarly, Jikko believes that if both, the management side and the employees’ side, work together to improve employee recognition, engagement, and collaboration, it will lead to greater employee retention and productivity. Moreover, greater clarity and transparency with respect to the training and development needs of the employees for their professional growth and wellbeing will allow the organization to sustain and grow their most reliable winners, constant innovators, and most effective problem solvers – Losing whom would mean losing the future.

Skills We Use


Our Team

Team Members

Kamil Majeed

Kamil is a Global Youth Leader who has a wide range of academic, research and practical experiences in the field of education research & policy, data analysis, project management, business administration, marketing, and management consultancy.

Ahmed Shahid Dar

Ahmed is a dedicated Project Manager and Technology Expert with more than ten years of experience in Research, Software, and Web & Mobile Application Development (using Agile Scrum for mobile and web end technologies – mainly Laravel, JS, Flutter).

Zainab Javed

Zainab has a vast experience in the field of Administration Operations, HR, Marketing, and Research. She is particularly passionate about devising research-based organizational policies and ensuring their complete implementation.

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